Hair Bleaching in Abu Dhabi

Hair Bleaching

Blonde has never been out of fashion, in fact, it is glamorously edgy and it is here to stay. Wanted that blonde look?  You need to undergo hair bleaching. This process of hair lightening has been the longest hair trend ever and it just keeps on coming back.

If you want to go for a lighter shade like the rest of the celebrities do, hair bleaching is the answer for you. It is the only way that will create a lighter color from a darker base color. By using bleach it strips away the hair’s natural color so that the darker color turns lighter.

Through hair bleaching process the solution use allows you to apply another color in its place. Throughout the whole method the bleach interacts with melanin, the substance that produces hair color.

Removing your natural hair color through hair bleaching can be dangerous when done alone and without the supervision of an expert. It is best to go to the salon and ask a professional to do it for you. Experimenting on this kind of hair treatment should not be trial and error.

It might break and damage your hair terribly and you’ll regret the terrible result in the end. Therefore it needs to be done carefully or you may not get the results you want.

At the salon they should always do a patch test to ensure that bleach will not cause irritation to your scalp. You should also see the color result before your whole head had been covered by bleach. Take note that bleach can stain your skin, so it is important that the stylist knows what she is doing.

Your bleached hair should have proper care since it will have a tendency to turn yellow when exposed to sunlight. Aside from that frequent washes and blow drying will eventually make it dull.  An after care should be practiced, as an advice we recommend you use a toning shampoo from a respectable brand use this instead of the usual shampoo to maintain your hair’s platinum color.

As an ending phrase your hair deserves better and only the best. Don’t settle for less. Try our hair bleaching procedure. Visit Victoria Spa & Salon today.


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