Hair Blowdry in abu dhabi

Safely Blowdry Your Hair

Blowdry can give you the volume and shape you need. But you need to exercise caution when doing it alone. You might probably do it more often but not the right way and that leads to damage hair.

So how should you go about it? What’s the proper way to blowdry it?  Get easy on blowdry and put a little care on your hair by applying some pre-styling product before heated machine touches your hair. And before you do that you need to at least towel dry your hair and don’t do the blowdry if it’s too wet.

Don’t wrap your hair with the brush and blast the heat on it. That will just take so much of your time. When applying a styling product, concentrate on the roots since putting the product on your ends will pull your hair down.

When it’s summer time it’s really   HOT! Our hair doesn’t like the humidity either therefore adjusting to climate change is essential. We all love perfectly bouncy styled hair, but if you must blowdry, you may do it at least every other day. Blowdry when done the right way and with the right techniques may produce incredible results with lesser damage.

As a final touch put some serum with morrocan oil it is packed with vit. E, fatty acids and lots of antioxidants that’s good for your hair, which seriously fights frizz! And by all means use the nozzle it will distribute the heat and you’ll get a smooth finish that looks salon made.

If everything doesn’t go the way you wanted it to be well I suggest you visit Victoria Spa & Salon they’ll appreciate doing the job done for you. If you can’t do it on your own better ask for help and save your hair from disastrous damaged. Call now and set an appointment!


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