Hair Perms

Beautiful Perm hair

We have a strong belief in not only creating curly hair through hair perming, but also using the best products available to protect and lengthen the time between hair perms for our customers. Curly hair that is also healthy is easy to spot with vibrancy, bounce and shine.

Hair perming using advanced technology with the Pro-shape perm.

Traditional perms can give you curly hair, but at the expense of frizzy, dry and brittle hair which is not so attractive. Damaging effects from a substandard hair perm formula can last an entire life. Poor quality perms often lead to hair loss and split ends because hair needs hydration and care before, during and after the perming process. We believe in protecting the hair during and after a perm to give clients the latest hairstyle with soft, curly hair that is manageable. Our hair perming system includes natural products to address all areas of hair perm concerns.



Pro-shape hair perms include:

  1. biopolymer and protein complex that is naturally derived from rice. This innovative formula seals split ends and reduces friction when brushing or styling hair as a result you’ll have a healthier and stronger hair overall.
  2. Phytokeratin is an all-natural derivative of corn, soybeans and wheat to repair split ends and improve hydration to leave your hair bouncy, soft and vibrant.
  3. Cysteamine is an amino acid in the keratin family. It creates natural curls that are strong and hold for extended periods of time between hair perms.
  4. Shea butter, which is often found in lotions, smoothes curls to make them extraordinarily soft and bouncy. Sweet almond oil adds a luminescent shine to hair to reflect light and enhance layers of hair in today’s new hairstyles. The addition of sunflower extract to our hair perming process, adds protection from UV rays to prevent color fading of colored hair.

We use the entire Proshape system to create curly hair that is simply, the best formulation you can get. A pre-perm protective spray is used on your hair before the perm to correct split ends from a previous perm. This product also bonds the perming solution to color-treated hair for long-lasting beauty. A rebalancing product protects your hair after a perm for touchups with rollers to enhance curls and keep your hair hydrated and beautiful.


Whether you visit for a day of solitude or you participate with a group of friends for a day of grooming and relationship building, you will never be disappointed in the variety of our services! Here’s the list of the most popular services:

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