Manicure Abu Dhabi


Having a beautiful and well-crafted nails will make you feel clean and elegant. Through the latest trends in beautifying the nails your tired and weary hands can benefit from manicure Abu Dhabi. Cleaning those tiny nails on your hands has been here 4,000 years ago and it’s been a part of the beauty industry ever since.  Although the process varies depending on the nail salon that offers it, a typical manicure consists of a technician tending to the fingernails using a clean manicure set. The nail technician will remove old polish and clipping any exposed cuticles. Manicure  Abu Dhabi also includes filing and shaping of the nails and the application of nail harder as well as high quality nail polish. The treatment also includes a tranquil nail soak and hand massage with the aid of skin loving lotions and oils. The hand massage is a part of the whole manicure process which creates a relaxing moment while stimulating the flow of blood and releasing good-feeling endorphins.




Benefits of Getting a Manicure:

The benefits of manicure go far beyond the aesthetic appeal of beautifying unsightly nails. Besides our mouths and feet, our hands and fingers are our most used body parts. From the time we wake up until we bid goodbye during the night our hands are part of every dirty work we do. This constant use can cause our hands and nails to age prematurely. The nails may yellow, soften and split as a result of over washing and lose of moisture. Manicure is the answer for that. This treatment can help keep your nails and hands looking healthy and young while ensuring that your cuticles are tended too and your nails are shaped. Gelish manicure is also a quick form of reflexology which can promote calmness.


Manicure at Victoria Spa & Salon:

We at Victoria Spa & Salon believe that everybody deserves the royal service. We pride ourselves on offering manicure treatment that will keep you coming back for more. Our experienced technician will tend to your individual needs to ensure that your nails and hands look and feel better going out than they did coming in. We use highest quality nail polishes such as OPI and we carry every color. Victoria Spa & Salon is more than a spa-like nail salon in Abu Dhabi; our other services include facials, body wax treatments, keratin treatments, haircuts, curling, threading, massage, sauna and more. Visit us today to receive the royal treatment that you truly deserve!


Whether you visit for a day of solitude or you participate with a group of friends for a day of grooming and relationship building, you will never be disappointed in the variety of our services! Here’s the list of the most popular services:

  • Manicures$155
  • Pedicures$145
  • Skin care$135
  • Facial Care$125
  • Faial Massage$115
  • Haircut$105
  • Hot Stones Massage$100
  • Organic masks $155
  • Anti-aging masks $145
  • SPA $135
  • Services For Men $125
  • Waxing $115
  • Medi-spa $105
  • Body Treatment$100