Nail Art in Abu Dhabi

Unique Nail Art Designs

Beautifying your nails is one way to uplift your mood. Not to mention designing them with the latest nail art designs. Nail art is simple concept which involves decorating your tiny nails with the trendy designs you love.  It has become the new millennium fashion on nails today.

Thus it brings out the wild creative imagination of the nail technician. It creates beautiful and distinctive finish on well polish nail art. Style in fashion is not just about the clothes we wear which is commonly known today as the outfit of the day but it also involves even the tiniest nails on your fingers.

A typical manicure involves the application of nail polish; the nail technician would then ask if you wanted to avail of their nail art designs.  Vibrant coats of paint are applied to your nails on top of the base.

At Victoria Spa &Salon our nail technicians are adept in applying decals, stickers, gems, glitter and flowers onto your nails. They we’re trained to do the exact design that you wanted to achieve on your nails.

Since nail art have been in the market for quit sometime now designs and motifs are available which includes themes for specific holidays, such as Christmas and valentines.  You may also opt for letters which spell out your name.

Small stickers can also give a stunning look to your hands and feet. There are endless choices therefore you’ll never get bored in choosing one which is appropriate for any occasion. A shiny acrylic may then be applied as a finale to enhance the designs.

It is important that your nails are cleaned and properly shaped before you start with nail art. Though you don’t have to worry about this since a well-trained technician know exactly what needs to be done.

If you’re excited as I am to try this unique nail art designs. Visit Victoria Spa & Salon today or pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.


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