Nail Polish in Abu Dhabi

Keep your nails neat with a Nail Polish

Putting a nail polish on your nails is the basic thing you can do to keep your nails nice and clean. Nail polish have been around for a decades.  Varnishing your nails with nail polish started dates back in 300 BC. Ohh, my that was too long ago and until now it still exists and will never vanish.

A swipe of colored nail polish on your nails brings out a new dimension to your style. Painting your nails with a nail polish is part of good grooming. And for some people painting their nails is a way of expressing themselves.

Nail polish has natural ingredients which include beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes.  Therefore it is not a toxic as other people say it is. Did you know that in ancient Egypt, nail polish was used to signify class rankings?  People in the high level of society painted their nails with red while the lower class often wore nude and light colors.

Today anyone can wear nail polish regardless of her status in the society. No rich no poor you have the freedom to choose the color you like from dark to light. You can even change the color or designs every time you feel like it or depending on your mood.

Nail polishes come in different types and finishes. They range from matte to glittery. When you visit the salon you can ask the nail technician about it and she’ll be happy to help you choose the right one for you.

A base coat is also essential part in the process of nail coloring, Base coat protects your nails from discoloration it often comes as a colorless finish. They also contain nail strengthening elements that would keep your nails strong.

So why don’t you treat your nails with tender, loving and care. Visit Victoria Spa &Salon and pamper yourself. See you there!


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