Pedicure Abu Dhabi

Pedicure had been around for 4,000 years ago. Going to the salon for pedicure has a number of benefits. If you are like most people, your feet get tired and neglected due to hectic schedules and without giving your feet the attention they deserve, over time they can develop nail diseases and/or foot odor.

When you make an appointment at the nail salon for a pedicure, the process is similar to a manicure, except that the treatment is done to your feet. A pedicure starts with a cleansing and soaking of your feet. Following the soaking the technician will trim and clean the nails. Clipping and cleaning the toe nails is essential for preventing the nails from growing misshapen, prevents chipping and it prevents the nail from growing and penetrating into your skin, which can lead to infections. Cleaning the nails is important in preventing bacteria and odor.



During the pedicure the technician will also give you a relaxing massage unto your feet and lower legs. The massage is not only extremely relaxing, but also has a variety of health benefits like improving the blood circulation. The massage oils used are excellent for relieving aches and pains in your feet and legs. It also provides moisture to your feet which prevents cracking.

After the massage, your technician will buff the nails smooth and apply your favorite color of OPI nail polish. You can choose any color you like or you can opt to have the popular french tip nail polishing technique.

A professional pedicure is a great way to pamper yourself and unwind. If you are ready to spoil your feet and give them the treatment they deserve, give the Victoria Spa & Salon a call to schedule your appointment today.


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Whether you visit for a day of solitude or you participate with a group of friends for a day of grooming and relationship building, you will never be disappointed in the variety of our services! Here’s the list of the most popular services:

  • Manicures$155
  • Pedicures$145
  • Skin care$135
  • Facial Care$125
  • Faial Massage$115
  • Haircut$105
  • Hot Stones Massage$100
  • Organic masks $155
  • Anti-aging masks $145
  • SPA $135
  • Services For Men $125
  • Waxing $115
  • Medi-spa $105
  • Body Treatment$100